Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Lost Summer" by Kathryn Williams

Over the years I have read hundreds of books and they have all touched me in different ways, but “The Lost Summer” forced me to pull out all those precious memories from those magical summers at camp. Helena Waite is returning to her favorite place, Camp Southpoint, but this year things will be different. She is no longer a young camper, this year she’s a counselor. The only crappy part about this is that her best friend Katie Bell, the other half of Hels Bells, is still a camper. Kathryn Williams displays the true realities of friendship, summer love and how in the heat of a summer night it can be hard to make the right choices. “The Lost Summer” was very easy for me to relate to because I have been a life long camper and when I was old enough a counselor. I loved this book because I could personally relate to the friendship struggle between Helena and Katie. Being a camper it was easy to goof off and act silly with my summer friends but becoming a counselor came with new responsibilities and freedoms. I no longer had the same rules as a camper. Lights out at 10 o’clock did not apply to me and I didn’t have to stay in my cabin during rest hour. Much like Helena it was easy to abandon my life as a camper and get caught up in the joys of being responsible for a group of young girls. Although my all girls camp didn’t have a boys camp right next to it, I do know how convincing the words of a smooth talking guy can be. “The Lost Summer” is a wonderful coming of age story, I’m the same age as the main character and after reading this book I feel I have grown a little more. I have never read a book that has had me teary eyed through the entire story, but this one did. Some of it had to do with the story but most of it came from the little things that reminded me of my “lost summers”. Singing those familiar camp songs you know by heart around the camp fire and pigging out on s’mores until you could puke. It’s funny how when we were younger we wished to be older but even though I am only seventeen I find myself wishing for those summers back and my summer friends.

As you can tell this book made me think about some of my fond camp memories. One of my favorite has to be playing in the clay pit every year after a big rain. We would get nasty, smelled disgusting and had clay in places it didn't belong. And if we were real lucky we could drag the Camp Ranger in there with us and get him covered too. So I'm wondering do any of you have any fond camp memories? If you do I would love to hear them!!