Friday, October 24, 2008

The Orpheus Obsession by Dakota Lane

Anooshka Stargirl has what most people would describe as a difficult life. Her father is out of the picture and her mom is depressed and tends to be on a different planet than everyone else. Thankfully for Anooshka she has an older sister that lives in New York City so she has somewhere to escape to every now and then. On one of her trips to the city her sister tells her about the singer Orpheus. Anooshka immediately falls in love with in his lyrics. And then when she meets him briefly in a park she falls in love with and his mysterious personality. Just like any teen girl with a crush Anooshka becomes obsessed with Orpheus and a need to learn everything about him she can. She starts by reading his blog daily and then going to his restaurant to see if he shows up. Anooshka eventually gets in with Orpheus and she thinks that is what she wants until she spends a night alone with Orpheus in his apartment. Weeks go by and Anooshka hears nothing from Orpheus and she comes to realize Orpheus is not a shy misunderstood artist but that he is a self-centered rocker.

The Orpheus Obsession is a very fun fast paces summer read. I really enjoyed how relateable it was. Being a teen girl I can really understand the obsession that Anooshka develops for Orpheus. The Orpheus obsession is one of those books that you can not wait to share with your friends.