Sunday, March 9, 2008

"She's So Money" by Cherry Cheva

"She's So Money" had me hooked immediately from reading the cover flap. You know who doesn't love a story about the classic good girl that learns to let loose. Maya's first priority has always been school so that she can attend her dream college, Stanford. Maya works long hours at her parents restaurant and spends the rest of her time studying. After one especially difficult night at the restaurant, Maya and her brother are to exhausted to do the clean up. Their parents are away so they think it will be fine if they wait till he net day to clean up the restaurant. But just as it always happens something bad occurs. The health inspector comes to the restaurant for an unannounced inspection and slams them with a massive fine. Maya is afraid of disappointing her parents and she does not think that they can handle paying the fine so she decides to take care of it her self. Maya along with Camden King, the most popular boy in school, devise a very elaborate homework ring. Where they charge to do other kids homework. Maya had never planned for it to become as large as it did but as the date to pay the fine got closer and closer Maya and her team took on more clients. Maya is able to pay the fine but the guilt of having kept all these secrets from her family and friends eventually wears on her and before long she spills everything to everyone.

For me "She's So Money" covers many different areas. Not only does it have humor and comedy but it also teaches a very valuable lesson to the readers about honesty and knowing when you have dug a hole to deep to get out of without asking for help.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs

After Kathleen's brother is killed in a tragic accident. She is racked with guilt feeling that it is her fault for the accident. With all of these emotions and feelings that Kathleen has she begins to shift between several different alternate universes. In each one Kathleen is a different person exploring different personalities in some doing things she had never thought about doing before. As Kathleen continues to shift the only constant thing that does not change and follows her to each alternate universe is Luke. She finds out that Luke is able to shift too and that he had intentionally been following her through each universe. Luke helps Kathleen understand what kind of power she had and how to control it better. Kathleen finds out something about Luke that makes her wonder if she can really trust him and everything that he has told her. With the conclusion of the book Kathleen comes to realize that what she wanted is not what she needed. Life is full of choices, the good and the bad, the question is which one will you make.

"Choices" was a fast paced read that keeps you guessing. I read "Choices" in one sitting late at night. I could not put it down till I was through. This book really makes you realize how the choices you make in life affect everything else.
Deborah Lynn Jacobs has written a few other books which you can find out more information about on her website.