Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wake by Lisa McMann

Everyone has always wondered what the person that fell asleep beside you one the bus or in class is dreaming. Well for 17 year old Janie being sucked into the dreams of the people around her is part of her daily routine. Theres only so many sex-crazed naked dreams that one girl can take before it gets old and Janie has reached her limit. She is tired of being yanked into other peoples dreams without any control over how fast she enters and departs the dreams or what happens while shes is in them. Most of the dreams she is pulled into are typical teenage dreams untill she starts being drawn into someones nightmares that has a monster with knives for fingers. This is the first time she particiaptes in some one elses dream. She soon finds the source of the nightmares is Cabel Strumheller who has a few secrets of his own. After having kept her secret since she was 8 years old Janie confides in Cabel. Janie and Cabel have and up down, love hate relationship that centers around Janie learning to how to control this "power" she has. I really loved Janie and Cabels realtionship. It was really different which is what in my opinion makes it special. At some points that plot had me alittle confused but I think that that is part of what makes the book so intresting. By the end of the novel though it was clear as to what was going on. Overall "Wake" was very enjoyable and intresting and I really liked the style of writing that Lisa McMann chose to write in. I will definitely have trouble waiting for the sequel "Fade" to come out next year.

"Wake" is set to be released in early March. For more information on Lisa McMann and "Wake" visit her website at