Friday, October 24, 2008

The Orpheus Obsession by Dakota Lane

Anooshka Stargirl has what most people would describe as a difficult life. Her father is out of the picture and her mom is depressed and tends to be on a different planet than everyone else. Thankfully for Anooshka she has an older sister that lives in New York City so she has somewhere to escape to every now and then. On one of her trips to the city her sister tells her about the singer Orpheus. Anooshka immediately falls in love with in his lyrics. And then when she meets him briefly in a park she falls in love with and his mysterious personality. Just like any teen girl with a crush Anooshka becomes obsessed with Orpheus and a need to learn everything about him she can. She starts by reading his blog daily and then going to his restaurant to see if he shows up. Anooshka eventually gets in with Orpheus and she thinks that is what she wants until she spends a night alone with Orpheus in his apartment. Weeks go by and Anooshka hears nothing from Orpheus and she comes to realize Orpheus is not a shy misunderstood artist but that he is a self-centered rocker.

The Orpheus Obsession is a very fun fast paces summer read. I really enjoyed how relateable it was. Being a teen girl I can really understand the obsession that Anooshka develops for Orpheus. The Orpheus obsession is one of those books that you can not wait to share with your friends.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

"She's So Money" by Cherry Cheva

"She's So Money" had me hooked immediately from reading the cover flap. You know who doesn't love a story about the classic good girl that learns to let loose. Maya's first priority has always been school so that she can attend her dream college, Stanford. Maya works long hours at her parents restaurant and spends the rest of her time studying. After one especially difficult night at the restaurant, Maya and her brother are to exhausted to do the clean up. Their parents are away so they think it will be fine if they wait till he net day to clean up the restaurant. But just as it always happens something bad occurs. The health inspector comes to the restaurant for an unannounced inspection and slams them with a massive fine. Maya is afraid of disappointing her parents and she does not think that they can handle paying the fine so she decides to take care of it her self. Maya along with Camden King, the most popular boy in school, devise a very elaborate homework ring. Where they charge to do other kids homework. Maya had never planned for it to become as large as it did but as the date to pay the fine got closer and closer Maya and her team took on more clients. Maya is able to pay the fine but the guilt of having kept all these secrets from her family and friends eventually wears on her and before long she spills everything to everyone.

For me "She's So Money" covers many different areas. Not only does it have humor and comedy but it also teaches a very valuable lesson to the readers about honesty and knowing when you have dug a hole to deep to get out of without asking for help.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs

After Kathleen's brother is killed in a tragic accident. She is racked with guilt feeling that it is her fault for the accident. With all of these emotions and feelings that Kathleen has she begins to shift between several different alternate universes. In each one Kathleen is a different person exploring different personalities in some doing things she had never thought about doing before. As Kathleen continues to shift the only constant thing that does not change and follows her to each alternate universe is Luke. She finds out that Luke is able to shift too and that he had intentionally been following her through each universe. Luke helps Kathleen understand what kind of power she had and how to control it better. Kathleen finds out something about Luke that makes her wonder if she can really trust him and everything that he has told her. With the conclusion of the book Kathleen comes to realize that what she wanted is not what she needed. Life is full of choices, the good and the bad, the question is which one will you make.

"Choices" was a fast paced read that keeps you guessing. I read "Choices" in one sitting late at night. I could not put it down till I was through. This book really makes you realize how the choices you make in life affect everything else.
Deborah Lynn Jacobs has written a few other books which you can find out more information about on her website.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wake by Lisa McMann

Everyone has always wondered what the person that fell asleep beside you one the bus or in class is dreaming. Well for 17 year old Janie being sucked into the dreams of the people around her is part of her daily routine. Theres only so many sex-crazed naked dreams that one girl can take before it gets old and Janie has reached her limit. She is tired of being yanked into other peoples dreams without any control over how fast she enters and departs the dreams or what happens while shes is in them. Most of the dreams she is pulled into are typical teenage dreams untill she starts being drawn into someones nightmares that has a monster with knives for fingers. This is the first time she particiaptes in some one elses dream. She soon finds the source of the nightmares is Cabel Strumheller who has a few secrets of his own. After having kept her secret since she was 8 years old Janie confides in Cabel. Janie and Cabel have and up down, love hate relationship that centers around Janie learning to how to control this "power" she has. I really loved Janie and Cabels realtionship. It was really different which is what in my opinion makes it special. At some points that plot had me alittle confused but I think that that is part of what makes the book so intresting. By the end of the novel though it was clear as to what was going on. Overall "Wake" was very enjoyable and intresting and I really liked the style of writing that Lisa McMann chose to write in. I will definitely have trouble waiting for the sequel "Fade" to come out next year.

"Wake" is set to be released in early March. For more information on Lisa McMann and "Wake" visit her website at

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost Home by Jessica Blank

"Almost Home" is a real eye opener to the life runaways have. The characters all have different reasons for leaving their families. Whether they were running form abuse of some kind of just looking for something bigger. But the one thing they all have in common is the love they have. All of them just want somebody to love. It was amazing for me to see how these seven kids all of different ages, personalities and back grounds were able to create a family on the streets of L.A. Even as dysfunctional as it was they made it work. The flap on the cover says that Tracy is the thread that ties them all together. I could not agree more. She changes every person she comes in contact with. It saddened me to read about how these teens had to go about getting money and finding a way to eat. They had do everything from selling drugs to sex in order to be able to have a meal. It's different when you hear bout runaways on TV or in a movie but when you read about it and see it through the eyes of these characters it makes it more real. The things that these teens had to go through are heartbreaking and gut wrenching but this is what really happens. I have read stories about run away teens before but they all tended to be romanticised but the novel that Jessica Blank has created show the real facts about what really happens. What deeply disturbed me most was Eeyore's story. She was only 12 years old and her step-brother sexually abused her which is the reason why she chose to runaway.."Almost Home" is the most moving YA novel I have read. This is definitely one that I would recommend for everyone to read. I really like how she has included several help lines, shelters, and other resource in the back of the book. I was unaware that 1.5 million kids runaway every year along with about 1 million that are thrown out by their parents. This is a serious issue that more people need to know about so that other things can start being done to help.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A- Z Reading Challenge

I have been wanting to participate in a reading challenge for a while now and I have finally decided which one I would like to take part in. The A - Z Reading Challenge is hosted by Thoughts of Joy. You can find the link to her page in the side bar along with the link to my page where you can keep track of my progress and find out more information about the challenge. I am open to any and all suggestions for books to read.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Debutante by Kathryn Williams

Annie McRae was ready for her senior year of high school, I mean it is suppose to be the best one right? Well at least that is what Annie thought until, her parents dropped the bomb that they were moving to Beaufort, Alabama the place where her Dad grew up. Annie quickly realized that her dream of going to Brown will be her only way to escape the "woods". Her pain only becomes worse when she finds out that the only way her Grandma will pay for Brown is if Annie makes her debut at the Magnolia Ball. Having no interest in taking part in this southern tradition Annie holds out hope to receive a sports scholarship. When she does not receive the scholarship she decides to just suck it up and deal with it (but that does not mean she has to like it). Somewhere in all this debutante chaos and learning how to be a lady she slowly begins to realize that it is OK for her to make friends in Alabama especially when she needs them the most. Annie also leans that a little southern charm looks awfully nice on a guy.

I really like how much Annie's character changes throughout the book. She goes from the typical stereotype that all people from the South are hicks from the woods to learning that they are not so bad after all. This was a fun light read that I really enjoyed and kept me laughing. I'm really looking forward to reading more by this author.

The cover posted here is just for the galley. It will most likely change. The Debutante is due out in May.