Monday, December 3, 2007

Primavera by Mary Jane Beaufrand

Primavera takes place during the Italian Renaissance. Flora is the youngest daughter of the Pazzi family. The Pazzi is one of the two most powerful families. The Pazzi and their biggest rival the Medici are in a bloody struggle for the ultimate power over Florence. Caught in the middle of this is Flora. While her beautiful sister Domenica is being painted by the famed artist Botticelli Flora is dreading what is to happen to her. Flora is seen by her mother as possessing no beauty. Her mother does not even allow her to dine with the rest of her family for fear of having to explain their "ugly" daughter to their guests. Because she posses no beauty her mother is positive she will not be able to find a husband so she has been destined to spend her years in a Convent. The only reason she has been sent to the Convent yet is because of her dear Nonna who has stuck up for her and kept her from being sent off. Flora does not realize that even though her mother did not fuss over her or buy her pretty dresses as she did Domenica she had all love she could need from her Nonna.

Suggested reading age for Primavera is 12 but that seems a little young for me because of how bloody and graphic the fight scenes are. Primavera is set to come out in March 2008.


T.C. said...

This sounds pretty interesting. Reminds me of Cinderella.