Monday, December 17, 2007

An Open Vein by J.M. Warick

John had always been the smartest in his class. After being labeled as gifted in the fifth grade he continued to soar through his classes until his early graduation at 16. John's parents best friend, Kane, offers John a chance to spend the summer with him in New York City. Ready to be free of the problems that come with high school and ready to prove his independence John jumped at the chance. Upon his arrival to New York City John and Kane explored various places and sites, ate at popular restaurants and eventually fall into a routine. John is loving his independence and is excited about starting his journey at USC to become a doctor. One night as John was helping Kane unpack when he came across a document that would change everything he had known. John is starting to accept this new information. When Kane comes home one day from his job at the hospital and tells John about a letter he received threatening Johns safety. Prepared to do anything to protect John, Kane suggests that John reaming inside the apartment instead of going out. Gradually staying inside 24/7 starts to get to John and he begins to disobey Kane by sneaking outside to sit in the courtyard. Kane gets slightly angry at John but lets it go. One night John gets food poisoning and becomes really sick. Kane has to insert an IV into John to help him to recuperate. Kane insists that John learns to depend on him more. Kane decides to try an exercise that will help the two of them become closer. Kane removes all of Johns clothes and requires him to ask for his clothes and his food when he needs it. Eventually Kane becomes even more controlling to the point that John is locked in his room for long periods of time in the nude and without any food.

AN OPEN VEIN is a psychological thriller that forces the reader to ask why. Why does John allow Kane to completely control and dominate him. Why does Kane treat John so badly and what was his reasoning behind it. J. M. Warrick has done an absolutely amazing job in keeping me guessing for more. This is definitely a book that I will read over and over again.


The Page Flipper said...

I'm reading this right now! Nice review.

The Story Siren said...

Wow... sounds kinda freaky!

T.C. said...

Oh, this sounds really good. Definitely along my lines. Good review!